How to import contacts from LinkedIn to a Contactzilla address book

It’s super simple to import your connections from LinkedIn to an address book. All you need to do is download a CSV file from LinkedIn and then import from CSV to an address book. 

In this guide we'll show you the steps you need to take to download your CSV from LinkedIn.

1. Open LinkedIn > Click on 'My Network'

2. On the next page click on the number of connections you have 

3. Click on manage synced and imported contacts on the right hand side of the page

4. One the next page click on export contacts

5. Select the data you want, we've chosen connections. Click request archive. You will receive an email from LinkedIn in around 10 minutes. Click the link in the email that they sent you.

6. You'll be redirected back to this page once you click the link in the email from LinkedIn, now click Download archive. 

Once you've opened your CSV file from LinkedIn, you can now follow the steps to ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly for import, and then follow the steps in our simple guide to importing contacts from a CSV file into a Contactzilla address

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