Adding team members in bulk

You can add lots of team members in one go by uploading a CSV file containing the details of the users to create.

How does the bulk add team members method differ from the single invite user method?

The bulk upload tool does not simply invite lots of users in one go. Here is how it differs:

  • Unlike the invite team member screen, the bulk upload method actually creates the user accounts.
  • You must specify the username and password to create for each user.
  • Newly created users are not notified. They will not know what their password is unless you tell them.
  • Newly created users are not subscribed to the Contactzilla mailing list and will not receive product updates/education emails from Contactzilla.
  • Only read/write access level can be granted by the bulk method.

Who is the intended audience of the bulk add team members method?

This tool is aimed at administrators who look after the accounts of their users. They probably want to simply connect their phones to Contactzilla, perhaps using a tool such as Apple MDM ( to deploy across their organisation.

Where can I get an example file?

You can download an example file from

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