OneLogin with Contactzilla

All the steps below have to be performed by the administrator of the accounts on OneLogin.

Once the administrator of the OneLogin account has finished the setup, the Contactzilla app can be shared with other OneLogin users to permit authentication against Contactzilla. Note, you do not need to get each user that is going to connect to follow these steps.

As OneLogin Administrator

On your OneLogin account search on the app directory to found Contactzilla app as showed below:

Once you install Contactzilla app on your Company Apps tab just select the Contactzilla one to set up the connector.

And the last step copy all the information on the SSO tab to setup the account on Contactzilla side

Now logged into you Contactzilla account

Add all the params that we copied from OneLogin Contactzilla connector

You are now setup to use the Contactzilla connector.

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