How do I sync contacts with my Android device?

You will need to install the CardDAV-Sync Free Beta app which you can find  here.

Open the app and click “CardDav”.

In the “Server name or URL” box enter the URL of the Contactzilla address book you wish to sync, without the “https://” part (e.g.

Your username and password will be your Contactzilla username and password.

Here’s what my screen looked like once I had filled out the form.

Click “Next” and you will be asked to enter a name for your account. As the address book I added was a list of my colleagues at Contactzilla, I called my address book “Contactzilla team”.

Select “Finish” and your sync will complete. Once this is done, the app will close.

You will be able to view the address book in your contacts.

CardDAV will also appear in the Accounts Settings on your Android device,.

You will need to keep the CardDAV-Sync Free Beta app to ensure that your Android device continues to automatically sync with ContactZilla.

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