How do I sync contacts with my iPhone or iPad?

Open your iPhone or iPad and go into settings, select “Passwords & Accounts”

*IMPORTANT if you are using an older iOS version you will select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

Click “Add Account”.

Select “Other” from the end of the list.

Under “Contacts”, select “Add CardDAV Account”.

Enter the following information: 

  • In the ‘server’ box enter the URL of the Contactzilla address book you wish to sync, without the ‘https://’ part (e.g. 
  • Enter your Contactzilla username and password. 
  • And a short description of your address book (e.g. colleagues).

Finally click “next”. Your phone will say “verifying” while it is syncing. The sync could take a few minutes.

The contacts from your synced address book will now appear in your iPhone contacts. To view only this address book, click ‘Groups’ in your iPhone contacts and select the desired address book. Here, you can choose whether or not you would like these contacts to appear in your iPhone contacts list.

If somebody else is added to the address book, their details will automatically be added to the your iPhone, so there’s no need to manually sync your phone every time you update your Contactzilla address book.

As always, you are in control of what contact information you share. Change or update the information you share in ‘My Contact Details’ when logged into Contactzilla will only share information in the Contactzilla shared address book and not information about existing contacts already in your phone.

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