Sharing an address book

First, make sure you have selected the correct address book. Your selected address book will be highlighted in the left hand menu. In the example below, I have selected the “Contactzilla team” address book.

In your chosen address book, select “team members” from the top navigation bar.

Select “Add a new team member”.

Enter the email address of the person you want to share with and a message to let them know why you’re sharing with them. This message will be emailed to the person, along with a link to sign up for Contactzilla.

You can also choose their permissions from ‘read only’, ‘read/write’ or ‘admin’. Don’t forget to click “Send invite” when you’re done!

Finally make sure to click “save permissions” in the bottom right corner of the page.

Your new team member will appear on the “Team members” page for your selected address book immediately. Until they accept the invite they receive via email, they will show with a timer icon next to their avatar in the Team members page. If you have invited an existing Contactzilla user, they will receive an email letting them know you added them to an address book and they will be added immediately. They do not have to accept your invitation.

NOTE: If you’re sharing an address book with a current Contactzilla user, make sure you send the invite to the email address they used to sign up to Contactzilla. If they don’t already have an account they will be automatically taken to the signup page where they can create a free account and access the address book.

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