How do I set up the Contactzilla-Hootsuite Integration?

When logged into Hootsuite, open up the App Directory by clicking the puzzle piece icon in the left hand menu.

Locate the Contactzilla app and click “Install App”.

Choose whether you’d like to add your Contactzilla address book activity stream to a new or existing tab (don’t worry, you can change this later if you want to).

The app comes with 2 plugins. One allows you to save social media posts (like Tweets or Facebook posts) against contacts in your Contactzilla address books. The other allows you to save contacts to Contactzilla address books from within Hootsuite. Add both plugins for complete functionality.

Once you have installed the app, your Contactzilla address book activity stream will automatically appear in whichever tab you chose during installation. In this example, we chose to add the stream to our existing ‘Contactzilla Twitter’ tab.

You will need to either sign up for a Contactzilla account, or sign in using an existing account. (Don’t have a Contactzilla account? Find out which package you need here.) Once logged in, your address book activity stream will show the most recent changes that have been made to contacts, as well as a complete feed of notes that have been added.

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