Saving social posts to a contact in Hootsuite

You can save social posts (such as Tweets and Facebook posts) as notes against contacts in Contactzilla.

To save a post, hover over that post in Hootsuite and click the arrow that appears in the top right corner. Select “Save post”.

If the contact already exists

If the contact already exists in one of your Contactzilla address books, the post will automatically be saved to that contact.

You can annotate the post by typing your note over the “Write your new note here” text. Click save.

If the contact exists in more than one address book, you will be able to select which address book you’d like to save the note to, or given the option to create a new address book.

If the contact doesn’t exist

If you are saving a social post from someone who is not in a Contactzilla address book, a new contact will automatically be added to an address book of your choice. Simply choose which address book you’d like to save the contact to and click save.

Your note has now been added into your chosen Contactzilla address book and will be updated for all team members, in all synced devices and accounts.

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