How do I remove duplicate contacts?

When you import contacts from a number of sources, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a few duplicates.

If Contactzilla can reasonably detect that 2 or more contacts are duplicates (based on a unique identifier such as email address), these contacts will automatically be merged during import.

If the system is not sure that contacts are duplicates (for example, when 2 contacts share the same first and last name), they will be flagged as “potential duplicates” which you can organise using the de-duping tool.

If Contactzilla has identified potential duplicates, you will see a green “Click to de-dupe” button in the left hang menu bar and duplicates will be tagged with a red “Potential duplicate” label.

If you’re satisfied that the potential duplicates Contactzilla has identified are duplicates, just click the “Click here to de-dupe” button and Contactzilla will merge your duplicates so that you don’t lose any contact info.

If you’d rather go through manually, you can remove the de-dupe label where contacts are not duplicates, or merge them together if they are.

To remove the duplicate label, simply select the contact using the checkbox on the right hand side, click “Apply label” and unselect the “potential duplicate” label.

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