How do I merge duplicate contacts?

When you import contacts from a number of sources, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a few duplicates.

If Contactzilla can reasonably detect that 2 or more contacts are duplicates (based on a unique identifier such as email address), these contacts will automatically be merged during import.

If the system is not sure that contacts are duplicates (for example, when 2 contacts share the same first and last name), they will be flagged as “potential duplicates” which you can organise using the de-duping tool.

If Contactzilla has identified potential duplicates, you will see a green “Click to de-dupe” button in the left hang menu bar and duplicates will be tagged with a red “Potential duplicate” label.

To merge 2 or more potential duplicates, select the relevant contacts using the check boxes and then click “Merge contacts”.

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