How to import contacts from FreeAgent to a Contactzilla address book

First, make sure you have selected the correct address book. Your selected address book will be highlighted in the left hand menu. In the example below, I have selected the “Import Demo” address book.

Then click services from the top menu. Find FreeAgent from the list of services, and click 'Authenticate'. 

You will be redirected to FreeAgent. At this point you will need to sign into FreeAgent to approve Contactzilla to manage your contacts.

Once approved, you will be redirected back to Contactzilla where you need to click “Import contacts from FreeAgent” to start your import. You can also re-authenticate if you’d like to start again with a different FreeAgent account.

Once your upload is complete, you’ll see the message “Your import has finished!”. You’ll also be told how many contacts were added.

Once your import is complete, your contacts will appear in your chosen address book with a “freeagent” label to show where the contact was imported from. ( Learn more about labels here.)

Please note - Any address book team member will be able to see these contacts and click to import again.

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