Exporting specific contacts to CSV

We know that exporting specific contacts is important to you. In this guide we’ll show you how easy it is to export specific contacts to CSV.

1. First create a new address book (this new address book will be where you put your specific contacts, but we'll get onto that later!)

2. Once you've created your new address book, go back into the address book that has your contacts in and select your specific contacts that you wish to export. In the screenshot below we've chosen 'Best Friends' as our specific contacts. You can select contacts in any way you like whether you select them in the list, or via labels as we've done.

3. Once you've selected your specific contacts you can now copy them into your new address book that you created earlier. 

4. Once your contacts have been copied, open the new address book you created earlier. Select all the contacts in the address book and export these to CSV. If you've forgotten how to do this follow our simple guide to Exporting contacts to CSV

Once you've exported your specific contacts to CSV you can simply delete the new address book you created earlier. Alternatively you can keep this address book and use it for future specific contact exports.

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