How to import contacts from Office365 to a Contactzilla Address Book

Start by picking the address book you want to import the contacts into. Then pick services from the top menu.

Find Office365 from the list, and click 'Authenticate'. This will take you to Microsoft's website.

At this stage you might need to sign into your Microsoft account. You need to grant Contactzilla permission to access your address book. At any point you can revoke this access via the 'application permissions' section in your Microsoft account.

Once you've granted access, the Services page will update to show you it's importing. You will need to stay on this page until the import is complete. 

Once completed, you will see all your contacts in the address book. Every contact will automatically labelled with the importers name 'office-365'. 

You can then use this as a filter while searching for contacts.

Please note - Any address book team member will be able to see these contacts and click to import again.

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