How do I add contacts from a CSV file to an address book?

Import-Demo-CSV---Sheet1.csv First, make sure you have selected the correct address book. Your selected address book will be highlighted in the left hand menu. In the example below, I have selected the “Import Demo” address book.

Then  click services from the top menu. Find CSV from the list of services, and click 'Import Options'. 

You'll be redirected to this page. Make sure to click the CSV icon to make sure it's working. 

Click 'Choose file' and select the CSV file from your computer, tablet or device. If you have any dates in your CSV, let us know whether they’re in UK, USA or ISO format. This helps Contactzilla to understand your data. Once selected click “Upload File”.

Once complete you will see your contacts in your chosen address book with the tag labelled as csv. 

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